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How Crisis Intervention Teams Have Saved My Life

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Anne Arundel Police Crisis Team Named "Best On the Planet"

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Crisis Intervention Consultant 
Individual With Lived Experience

Melissa has been successfully living with bipolar disorder since first being diagnosed in 2000.  A life-long public school teacher, Melissa is living a happy, healthy life and is an active, contributing member of the community, despite having been involuntarily hospitalized for six times due to major psychotic episodes.

In an effort to share her lived experience, Melissa continues to conduct presentations, workshops, and trainings for various local, state, national, and international organizations and agencies. 

Melissa is extremely grateful to the professional expertise and emotional support that Crisis Response Teams have provided, and credits them with saving her life.

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CIT officers in audience facing presenter

“Melissa is absolutely awesome! I enjoyed her presentation. It was very unique and completely

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“Melissa is an excellent presenter and what I learned will be very useful in my work life. I really enjoyed the presentation and how the police made an impact”

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