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A Little Bit About Melissa 

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Born and raised in the suburbs of Maryland, about half-way between Baltimore and Washington, D.C., I attended local public schools and went on to finish my undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Maryland and other surrounding colleges and universities.  Earning degrees in history and education, I have continued to work in the field of secondary education for over 30 years, with my primary focus teaching US History and Psychology at my local high school. 

I experienced my first psychotic episode in the August of 2000 which led to my first diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Over the next six years, four more involuntary hospitalizations followed due to severe psychotic features displayed during manic episodes. A long period of complete remission followed, and for 11 straight years I was completely stable. 

Then, in the summer of 2017, I began what was to be the most severe, two-month long, acute manic episode of my life. During this time I displayed the entire array of symptoms associated with psychosis, including, but not limited to:

  • Hallucinations (Auditory, Visual, Tactile, Olfactory)

  • Delusions

  • Paranoia

  • Disorganized thinking

  • Confusion

  • Bizarre & Erratic Behaviors

  • Isolation

  • Irritability/Anger

Throughout the years, the local Crisis Intervention Team, working in conjunction with highly trained county law enforcement officers, worked tirelessly to ensure my safety and provide the necessary clinical support and legal oversight to ensure that I was directed towards mental health facilities, and not into the criminal justice system.

I am extremely grateful to the dedication the CIT system has provided, and I have no doubt that they are responsible for the fact that I am living a happy, healthy life and have the opportunity to share my story with others. 

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Anne Arundel Police Crisis Team Named "Best On the Planet"

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